How to I get access to 18+ content?
18+ content is provided via a self assignable role in #role-picker. By giving yourself this role you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age. DO NOT assign this role to yourself if you are under 18 years of age. This is against Discord ToS and against server rules, you will be reported to Discord Trust and Safety if you fail to comply.

Users are talking about channels that I cannot see or do not have access to, why is this?
Some channels are hidden behind roles. Head over to #role-picker where you can assign yourself access to specific channels that interest you.

Why am I not able to generate an invite link?
Invite links can only be generated by users who are level 5+ in this server.

How do I level up? You can level up by posting text content in the chat rooms. Do not spam text to generate XP points, the bot knows about this and will not give you additional XP for doing this. XP points cannot be gained by posting in RP channels or in #shitposting.

Why can I not post links/images in the chat rooms?
The ability to post links and images requires you to be at least level 3 in this server.

I am not able to add or remove self assignable roles from Role Picker, why is this?
The reactions will sometimes reset themselves meaning that you may need to click the reaction two or three times to correct it. It should then work correctly for you again.

How do I get a staff position in RK?
You can read about applying for mod positions by going here:

I have a suggestion, who can I speak to about this?
If you have a server suggestion, please post it in #suggestions-ideas . We are always open to new suggestions and ideas.

I have a genuine complaint about a member of staff, what do I do?
Any genuine staff complaint should be brought to the attention of King Rushy

I have a role called "Awoo", what is this?
The "Awoo" role is our "verified" role, without this you wouldn't be able to see any channels, you will find that everyone with access to the server will have this role.