By joining and using the service of the server provided, you agree to abide by the rules of the server, follow Discord TOS and Discord Guidelines. Not doing so may result in punishment of varying severity.

Rules are subject to change without notice.
Please realize there are some situations that cannot be discerned over a set of standards or roles. To this end, staff reserves the right to apply rules differently in certain instances if deemed more beneficial for the server. If no rule exists for a situation that is causing a negative impact on the community, staff also reserve the right to apply actions seen as the best fit.

The most recent rules document can be found here:

User Expectations:

  • Adhere to Discord ToS and Discord Guidelines at all times
  • Follow server rules at all times
  • Follow individual channel rules and guidelines. Channel rules and guidelines can be found in the channel description.
  • The server is an English speaking server, please keep the chat in English. This is for the benefit of everybody so that everyone can communicate with one another.
  • Drama, conflict, and different personalities are common in the furry community. Users are expected to deal with conflict and disagreement without the intervention of Kingdom staff.
  • Spread love and stay positive. The server prides itself on the freedom of allowing members to voice their opinions, but if you have a highly negative mindset towards the server or its members, it is recommended that you leave. Extreme negativity towards members and/or the server could result in you being muted or banned depending on severity.
  • Blocking staff members is forbidden.
  • Under no circumstances should you attempt to impersonate or pretend to be a staff member.
  • If you are punished; accept your punishment. Bypassing bans or mutes will result in further punishment.
  • If you believe someone you know or yourself have been wrongfully banned please fill in the ban appeal form by going here.
  • If you believe a rule has been broken, please report it to a member of kingdom staff. Your report should include screenshots or equivalent evidence to backup your accusation. Explain in detail the reason for the report and provide usernames of all users involved. If you are unable to provide consistent evidence then we will deem your report as ‘user disagreement’ which should be dealt with in accordance with rule 7.3.


  • You are required to be 13 years of age or older to join Rushy’s Kingdom. Any attempt to join at a younger age is against server rules and Discord ToS and will result in a report being sent to Discord Trust and Safety. This is to protect you, the server and all other members in the Kingdom.
    If asked, users must be honest and forthcoming about their age when asked by other members. If a user wishes to not share their official age, they must still truthfully admit the following at all times (to members and staff) if asked:
    • Whether or not the user is 13 years of age
    • Whether or not the user is 18 years of age
    • Whether or not the user has reached the age of maturity for their country of residence
  • If you assign the 18+ role you are claiming to be legally 18 years of age (regardless of the age of maturity in your area of residence).
    • Users must not assign the 18+ role if they are under the age of 18 under any circumstances. Any attempt to do this will result in being reported to Discord Trust and Safety as well as potentially being banned from this server. We take this rule very seriously, it is in place to protect yourself, the server and other members.


  • Members may only participate in NSFW server content if they are at least 18 years of age.
  • Situations where underage members participate in NSFW content in non-server outlets (such as DMs/group chats), should be reported to Discord’s Trust & Safety Team via Discord support
    • If you believe an underage member's actions present a significant threat to member safety or originated from a discussion in server channels then please do report the incident to Kingdom Staff.
  • By no means under any circumstance are users allowed to share NSFW or suggestive material depicting or containing minors i.e. IRL, Loli, Shota, and Cub material.
    • Loli, Shota and Cub material include anything that looks underage, the distinction is up to staff members, any arguing on distinctions will not be tolerated. Very small characters and cub looking Pokemon fall under this category according to Discord Trust and Safety team. Even if an artist or anyone states a character’s age is over 18, if they exhibit childlike features they will fall under this category.


  • Rushy’s Kingdom has a zero-tolerance policy for any type of unsolicited advertisement in DMs.
  • Advertising of other Discord servers in DMs or in any server channel is prohibited.
  • Permitted advertising in the server is limited only to the dedicated advertising channels and must only contain links to the following websites: YouTube, Twitch, FurAffinity, DeviantArt, InkBunny, Picarto and AminoApps, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • The Kingdom respects that you may manage or own your own server, however if your server is furry based, with members primary made up of users from the Kingdom, it will, in some cases, be deemed as advertising or an attempt to poach members from the Kingdom.

Memes, No Context, and Shit Posts:

  • The #general-sfw and #general-nsfw are meant for normal conversations so any sort of Picture or Meme spam will result in a warning or a temp mute. A one-off Picture or meme will not result in a warning/temp mute as long as it has context with the conversation and as long as it stays in moderation.
  • Random memes that have no context should only be posted in the #memes-sfw and #memes-nsfw channels.
  • Shitposting should only be posted in the #shitposting channel.


  • The server was made with freedom in mind, however, we do not tolerate any sort of genuine trolling behavior. Should you encounter any sort of trolling, Screenshot it and DM a staff member or describe the incident if it occurred in a voice chat.

Drama and Disagreements:

  • As a general rule, drama and disagreement that occurs in the server will not be moderated by staff members. Take a joke, and don’t be easily butthurt. This is the internet and we are furries, you’re probably going to get insulted at some point, don’t take it too seriously and don't be a snowflake.
  • Staff will only intervene in drama or disagreement if it begins to flood that channel or if several members are getting involved. At this point, users participating in the drama will be asked to move to #vent-help-support channel or to DM’s.
    • If the offending users refuse to move drama to the relevant channels or DM’s after a warning, they may end up being muted for a short period to allow them to cool down.
  • If you have an issue with another member you are expected to block them or resolve the situation yourself. We will not get involved unless it violates Discord ToS, Discord Guidelines or Server rules.
  • Although we encourage users to be themselves, if spreading negativity and toxicity is your primary focus then this behaviour will likely result in punishment.


  • Harassment is NOT tolerated here. 
  • Harassment would be defined as:
    • Acts of significant ill-intent
    • Using multiple accounts or people to bypass a block out in place by a server member
    • Doxxing or sharing any personal information of other members without permission
    • Making threats that are deemed by a staff member to be considered serious
    • Acting with extreme racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. behavior
    • Blackmailing or extorting members
    • Kink shaming members
    • Revealing sensitive information said in confidence
    • Spreading false, untrue or unproven rumours about another member
  • Reports of harassment are dealt with seriously, proven cases can result in punishment of varying severity from temporary mutes, bans, and in extreme cases a report to Discord Trust and Safety.
  • If you wish to report harassment please provide screenshot or equivalent evidence to backup your accusation. Explain in detail the reason for the report and provide usernames of all users involved. Harassment reports should be directed towards any member of the High Council. You should also include the specific rule being broken from section 8.2 in your report.
Questions and comments related to the Kingdom rules should be directed to a member of the Staff Team.